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Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers

There’s a lot more to Scottish heritage than the kilt - but what a place to start. We’ve come

a long way from the battered great plaid (‘feileadh mòr’) of the sixteenth-century Highlands

to the modern sewn kilt in a newly-commissioned tartan, but the thread of our national

identity runs through both. It’s easy to play fast and loose with an icon (and many do), but

at Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers we treat our heritage with the love and respect it deserves. Using only traditional

techniques, we’re a young(ish) business with a very old soul. And we’re keen to share our

passion for the history of our favourite garment - be that with customers in store or in one

of our talks on the history of highland dress.

Handmade traditional kilts

We are kiltmakers on a mission: to reenergise a craft endangered by machine-made

copies and the hoarding of knowledge in a competitive industry. In 2016, we founded the

Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy to train a new generation of independent young makers to

work in the old style.

we use only the best locally-sourced

materials and craftsmen to make kits that can be treasured for a lifetime and passed down

through generations.






189 Canongate, The Royal Mile, EH8 8BN

0131 558 2887


21 St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TA

0131 557 4349

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